Passionate Web Developer & Innovative Designer

Welcome to my digital realm! I’m Chris, a seasoned web developer and designer with a flair for creating stunning websites and applications. Since 2007, I’ve been at the forefront of digital innovation, crafting engaging WordPress themes and plugins, and producing a multitude of digital and print assets for diverse clients globally.


Professional Journey

By day, I am an award winning, Senior UX Designer for Haymarket Media in New York City. My expertise lies in translating complex ideas into user-friendly digital experiences.

Outside office hours, I transform into a dynamic freelance graphic designer and WordPress aficionado. My portfolio boasts a variety of projects, from charming local businesses to high-profile multimillion-dollar enterprises.


Personal Insights

Chris Hurst
Residing in Northern New Jersey, I enjoy life with my family and cherish our moments together. Originally from Accrington, Lancashire, England, my journey to the US began with a soccer scholarship to a College in Georgia when I was 17. This journey has not only shaped my professional life but has also enriched my personal experiences.

My career took off as a Graphic Designer and 3D Modeler, where I honed my skills in the Adobe Creative Cloud and Google SketchUp. Driven by my passion for web design, I self-educated in the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, eventually diving into PHP and WordPress, which revolutionized my approach to web development.


Embracing the Digital World

Recently, I’ve embarked on a new venture with my YouTube channel, Travels with Hursty, where I share insights into trips on various vessels and to different destinations.


Let’s Collaborate

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Ready to transform your digital presence? Connect with Chris Hurst, a seasoned UX Designer, WordPress Developer, and Front-End Developer. Whether you need an intuitive UX/UI design, a custom WordPress site, or a complete web development solution, I'm here to turn your ideas into stunning digital realities. Let's collaborate and make your project stand out in the digital world.

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