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Welcome to a digital transformation journey where creativity meets functionality! I’m Chris Hurst, a passionate UX/UI designer and front-end developer. Recently, I had the opportunity to revitalize the online presence of Johanna Clark Hair, a renowned hair salon in Atlanta. Moving beyond their basic Squarespace site, we embarked on a bespoke design adventure, crafting a website that’s not just visually stunning but also user-friendly. Let’s dive into how this transformation unfolded!

Project Overview: From Basic to Brilliant

Johanna Clark Hair had a fundamental challenge: their website was a simple, hastily put-together Squarespace creation that didn’t do justice to their stylish salon. As their business grew in Atlanta’s competitive beauty industry, the need for a more sophisticated and engaging online presence became evident. This is where our collaboration began. Our goal? To transform their digital identity into something that not only represents the salon’s ethos but also enhances user engagement and accessibility.

Desktop – Johanna Clark Hair Salon

Crafting the User Experience: A Blend of Art and Functionality

The journey of redesigning Johanna Clark Hair’s website began in the realms of Figma, where every pixel was meticulously placed with purpose. As a UX/UI designer, my focus was to create an interface that resonates with the salon’s diverse clientele, ensuring an immersive experience across both mobile and desktop platforms. Iterative design was key. We went through several versions, each incorporating feedback from the salon team, ensuring the final design not only looked stunning but felt intuitive and user-friendly. The fusion of modern aesthetics with functional design elements highlighted the salon’s unique brand and services, setting the stage for a seamless transition to the development phase.

Bringing the Design to Life: Tailored Development for Squarespace

The transition from design to development marked an exciting phase in the project. Leveraging my skills in front-end development, I transformed the Figma designs into a vibrant, live website. This process involved writing custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, ensuring every element was perfectly aligned with the envisioned design. The challenge was not just in the coding, but in seamlessly integrating these elements into the existing Squarespace platform. By employing advanced front-end techniques, the website maintained its distinctive look while gaining improved functionality and responsiveness. This meticulous integration highlighted the importance of a harmonious blend between design and development in creating a cohesive online experience.

A Digital Masterpiece: The New Face of Johanna Clark Hair

The final product was a testament to bespoke design and development. The website now boasts an elegant home page, an informative services page, clear policies, a vibrant gallery with an Instagram feed, and an accessible contact page. The integration of social media through the Instagram feed brought a dynamic and current feel to the gallery, showcasing the salon’s work in real-time. This transformation significantly elevated Johanna Clark Hair’s online presence, reflecting the salon’s quality and sophistication.

Inviting Your Digital Transformation

The Johanna Clark Hair project exemplifies the power of thoughtful UX/UI design and meticulous front-end development. If you’re looking to transform your online presence, I’m here to make that journey seamless and successful. Let’s create something amazing together!

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