Crafting a Custom WordPress Website for Wellman Dynamics


In a pivotal moment for Wellman Dynamics, freshly rejuvenated by new ownership to secure its continued operation, I embarked on designing a Custom WordPress Website. This project was not just about building an online presence; it was about crafting a digital platform that mirrored the company’s renewed direction and resilience.

Leveraging WordPress’s Flexibility and Power

Utilizing WordPress, a platform known for its robustness and flexibility, I handpicked tools and features that are considered gold standards in web development. Bootstrap 4 provided the foundation for a responsive and mobile-friendly design, ensuring that the site would look great on any device. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Pro allowed me to create custom content layouts with ease, offering a tailored experience for site visitors. For engaging visuals and interactivity, I integrated Owl Carousel, enhancing the site’s user interface with seamless, dynamic sliders.

My approach was methodical and driven by the goal to create a website that not only served Wellman Dynamics’ immediate needs but also provided a scalable foundation for its digital future. Every element, from the layout to the interactive components, was chosen to reflect the company’s brand identity and to provide an intuitive user experience.

A Shift in Direction

After completing the website, showcasing the depth of custom functionality and design that WordPress and Understrap can offer, the decision-makers at Wellman Dynamics opted for an unexpected change in direction. They chose to pursue an alternative path, utilizing an internal resource to develop a new site with Wix. This decision was a significant pivot from the originally envisioned WordPress solution, highlighting the often-fluid nature of digital projects and company strategies.

Reflection and Moving Forward

Despite the shift away from the WordPress site I developed, this project stands as a testament to the capabilities of WordPress and the Understrap framework to create custom, powerful digital experiences. It reflects my commitment to leveraging the best tools and practices in web design to meet clients’ needs, even as those needs evolve.

The experience has also been a valuable lesson in adaptability and client relations, underscoring the importance of flexibility in the face of changing project scopes and visions. As I move forward, the insights gained from this project will inform future endeavors, ensuring that I remain at the forefront of web design innovation and client satisfaction.

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